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Transparent, flexible Growth Marketing for Startups and SMBs

We're a collective of London and UK-based growth marketing experts, ready to help your business launch, scale and thrive.


What is Rise?

Rise is a collective of London-based growth marketers led by experienced growth marketer, Barri Coen.


We're the alternative to a growth marketing agency. A hands-on, tactical consultancy or outsourced marketing team - offering strategic and executional resource.


All the benefits of a growth marketing agency and hiring specialist freelancers, but with none of the downsides.


What we do

We'll help you to dedicate resource and budget only where it's best utilised, so no need for expensive agencies or mismatched personnel.


If you pivot, so do we.

We're not typical consultants though. We'll provide full strategic and tactical marketing support, working closely with tech teams to optimise the full customer journey


The best of both worlds

Should you go with a Growth Marketing Agency or hire in-house or freelance specialists? 

Why choose! We're the best of both worlds.


All the benefits of a roster of marketing agencies - the economies of scale, the depth of experience and a range of highly experienced channel specialists - but none of the overheads or inflexibility.


We bring all the benefits of an in-house team, but none of the committment or hiring costs.

The best of both worlds.

Some of our work

Here are just some of the companies that we have worked with.

Client: Festicket - Travel and Live Music Marketing

Tickets & Travel | eCommerce | Web

Now owned by Lyte, Festicket quickly become the world's largest music travel platform with 1,000+ events, 2m+ customers, €25M revenue per year.

Client: Yogaia - On-Demand and Live Yoga Subscription Marketing

Yoga Classes | Subscriptions | Apps

Yoga is everywhere but Yogaia's USP lies in their live, interactive yoga classes, helping newbies and seasoned yogis alike in extending their practise.  

Client: Feast It - Events and Catering Marketplace Marketing

Street Food | Marketplace | Web

Launched early 2017, Feast It has cornered the growing market for Street Food, making every professional and consumer event planner's life easier in the process.

Client: Encore Musicians - Live Music Marketplace Growth Marketing

Live Musicians | Marketplace | Web

With over 35,000 musicians & groups on the platform, Encore Musicians is the go-to booking platform for live music for events.

Client: GoWashMyCar - automotive service marketplace marketing

Car Wash & Valet | Marketplace | Apps

GWMC is on a mission to help time-poor Londoners get their cars cleaned on demand.  

Client: Teach Your Monster - Edtech

Education | Subscription | App

TYM has created some of the world's most popular apps for literacy, numeracy and well-being. 

Client: Eatwith - culinary experiences

Dining & Travel | Marketplace | Web

Eatwith is the world's largest marketplace for unique culinary experiences with a footprint that covers the globe.

Client: Doddl - eCommerce, Children's cutley digital marketing

Family & Kids | eCommerce | Web

Doddl have created a truly innovative range of childrens' cutlery products to help with early years feeding. Their products are available D2C and via numerous retail outlets

Client: Love Struck smoothies and soups delivered

Frozen Food  | eCommerce | Web

Gorgeous, ready mixed smoothies, cocktails & soups delivered frozen and ready-portioned to your door in the UK and US.

What our clients say

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