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Growth Marketing Consultant

Hire an expert, hands-on Growth Marketing Consultant to maximise your business's growth trajectory.

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Barri Coen - Growth Marketing Consultant - London


Barri Coen




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Work Locations: 

London, Hertfordshire, Essex, Middlesex and Remote

Experience level:

20 years of digital marketing, 10 years with startups, 7 years freelancing / contracting

Growth Marketing specialisms

I'm a classic T-shaped Growth Marketing Consultant with expert-level skills in a number of areas and advanced experience in a number of other marketing channels, to ensure I can happily take charge and do a great job of those as well.  

I specialise in launching, optimising and scaling startups from ideation stage and seed funding to further investment and/or sustainable growth.  


My primary focus on ensuring growth across not just acquisition but throughout the funnel. 

Expert-level Marketing Experience

Marketing Strategy & Planning

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Marketing Budgeting & Forecasting

Data & Analytics

Marketing Campaign Management

Lifecycle Marketing

Project Management

Advanced-level Marketing Experience

PPC & Social Advertising

Affiliate & Partnership Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Content Marketing


Growth marketing specialist with 20+ years of marketing experience

I started in marketing in 2003 at Aston University Students' Union. This was quite a baptism of fire in how to manage the marketing for a vast range of products and services.


Anyone familiar with SUs knows that they have welfare services, elections, retail outlets, publications, bars, restaurants, live music, events and much more. If ever there was a perfect grounding in marketing, this was it. The downside was that finding that type of variety anywhere else was a challenge. 

I then worked agency-side at Wunderman, at DAZN (then known as Perform) and Universal Music Group over the next 5 years.  I found the variety I was looking for but not the impact. I didn't feel like I was making enough difference. 

That led me to startups and my first, Festicket, in 2013. Three years as their Head of Marketing and first marketer, we went from zero to series B and €25M in annual turnover in 3 years. It was quite a journey. This also marked the point where I became more of a Growth Marketing specialist

After a year as CMO for Yogaia, a yoga on-demand streaming service, I was made redundant which led me to start Rise - Growth Marketing Collective, and have been working as a Fractional CMO / Head of Growth and Growth Marketing Consultant ever since. 

20 years ago, the term "Growth Marketing" didn't exist but, quite organically - because of the nature of the business I've worked with and the challenges they've faced - I've become an archtypical Growth Marketer, just with a solid grounding in traditional marketing.

I've been developing my skills relentlessly and have a wealth of experience helping startups and SMEs from ideation stage up to established growth and sustainability.

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