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GA4 Migration from UA

Make sure your Google Analytics doesn't stop working in July

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Google Analytics as you know it will stop working in July 2023. Are you ready?

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Google Analytics 4, otherwise know as GA4, is the new version of Google Analytics. It has already been available for some time, but many businesses have ignored it until now.

The current version of Google Analytics - known as Universal Analytics (UA) or GA3 - will stop working in July 2023.

Perhaps you've done the basics and activated GA4, or perhaps you've not started.


Don't worry, we can help.

Whether you work with us or do it yourselves, you need to get moving on this or you will lose the ability to see what's going on in your business.

If you don't, not only will you be missing the data that your business relies on, but you won't have any historical data to compare it to.

Why Migrate to Google Analytics 4?

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In short, you have to - if you want to carry on using Google Analytics at least.


The current version of Google Analytics, known as Universal Analytics (UA) or GA3, will stop tracking data on 1st July, 2023.

You will still be able to access your old data for 6 months, after this point, your Universal Analytics properties may no longer be available.


So to avoid loss of your crucial data, it is critical to migrate to GA4 before 30th June 2023. Need help? Our team of expert Google Analytics specialists can implement this for you.

Are there benefits to GA4?

GA4 Explorations

Despite the frustrations of many, there are some good reasons why we believe you'll end up loving GA4:

  • User behavior insights, data collection and reporting accuracy, and user engagement tracking capabilities

  • Advances in user experience measurement and user acquisition and conversion metrics

  • Enhanced privacy and data security protection

  • Better measurement of web and app performance

  • Better measurement of dynamic content and user journeys

  • Better capacity to measure user behavior across platforms and devices.

Want us to help you migrate to GA4?

Our team of GA4 specialists have already migrated many businesses from Universal Analytics / GA3 to GA4.

Check out our process below and get in touch here or book a call here.

What's included in our GA4 Migration support


Installation of


Iniital installation of GA4 on your website and apps.


Migration of Goals / Conversions

The process of matching Goals (UA) to Conversions (GA4). Some UA goals are not compatible in GA4 so workarounds may be needed.


Setting up GA4 Reporting

The basic reporting in GA4 is very different to UA so we will also set up funnels and bespoke reporting in GA4 to give you more insight and access to your data. 


Audit: Universal Analytics events

A review of all existing events in your UA account, identifying which are used and needed by the business and any useful events that are missing.


Account settings configuration

If applicable to migrate other settings between UA and GA4. To name a few: Internal traffic filters, Cross-domain tracking settings and Unwanted referrals. 


Bespoke Dashboard Reports

We can also create Looker Studio dashboards, to match the reporting you get now in UA, plus blending your UA, GA4 and other data sources to create your new source of truth. 




A spreadsheet of events to be migrated & new events, mapping them to GA4 parameters, which can then be reviewed / approved internally


Linking GA4 with other tools

Linking of GA4 account with other tools in use, such as Google Ads, Google Search Console, Google Merchant Center and Google Optimize. 


Configuration of event tracking

Configuration of all new events and parameters into GA4 using Google Tag Manager, and setting up custom events in GA4 itself


Data Testing & Verification

We'll also test and audit the data, identifying mismatches and determining next steps if any issues. Some variance is normal.

Speak to a GA4 Expert

[email protected]

+44 0333 050 9280 

Or send a message using the form.

What is the status of your GA4 migration?
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